Proposal Photography

Proposal photography sessions are just so much fun!  I love just about everything about capturing photos of a man in love getting down on one knee.

Proposals are an amazing experience.  Mine was so beautiful, and what I love most is we were able to capture it from many different angles (my husband planned several different photographers to shoot our proposal photos!)

Pricing for Proposal Photo Sessions

This actually boils down to location, length of time, and planning involved.

Pricing starts at $300 for proposal photo sessions, which include my incredible sneaking skills for some hidden photos along your journey, as well as "knee" photos, and post "popping the question" photos!


Psst!  Guys, lets plan your proposal photos here!

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This is the moment you have been waiting for your entire life.  He pulls something from his pocket, takes an unnatural step forward, drops to one knee, looks up into your eyes with tears in his own, smile on his face, {hands shaking slightly from nerves}, and asks you to be his wife.  The moment is exploding with so much emotion, you can't even remember how you responded! All you know is that there is now an engagement ring on your finger. This huge moment for my (now) husband and I was well-documented by several photographers, and I look back over those photos again and again --reliving every step, squeal, and smile! 

I offer my services for those who want to capture these moments and keep them forever.  Proposal photos are so much fun for me, and the pictures always turn out exciting!  When you get see the actual evidence of someone being speechless or jumping up and down with pure joy, you know that you have an amazing job.  Being able to capture that raw moment as a "boyfriend-girlfriend" become a "fiancè-fiancee" is so special.  Proposal pictures are one of my favorite aspects of my job! I LOVE THEM!

Planning a proposal?  Want proposal photos?  Feel free to reach out and set up a meeting so we can plan your proposal pictures!