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Devou Park, Mt. Storm Park, Sharon Woods, and Glenwood Gardens are among the many Cincinnati park weddings I've been a part of.

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Another great aspect of Cincinnati wedding photography is the parks all around the city.  Cincinnati parks provide such a beautiful landscape for wedding photography!  When shooting a Cincinnati park wedding, I love to find anyway possible to incorporate the forests, the Ohio River, landmarks, any beautiful landscaping, and any panoramic views that I possibly can.

When most people think of Cincinnati parks, they may think of picnic tables or park shelters, but I think of Ault Park weddings, Alms park engagement shoots, Devou park family photos, and fun couples shoots at Mt. Storm Park.  I picture a bride in a gorgeous gown being picked up by her handsome groom with the Cincinnati skyline in the background.  I think of two newly weds looking down the Ohio river with their whole lives ahead of them whistling " is but a dream..." to themselves.  Cincinnati has so many beautiful and unique parks that bring such a different pallet, you almost can't go wrong!

When I find out that a bride has planned a park wedding, I get super excited and nervous for them.  Since Cincinnati has such crazy weather change almost daily, you never know what could happen on your big day.  Luckily, as a Cincinnati wedding photographer, I have learned to be flexible and find fun and exciting ways to capture each moment, and all the moments you are dying to capture, while also dealing with our moody mother nature!  One way or another, we will make it work, and make your wedding day a well-documented day. 

When it comes to shooting park weddings in Cincinnati, it's important to know about their location.  Not all of these parks will host weddings, but if your venue is close enough, we can steal away for some photos with the wedding party or just the bride and groom.  If you are looking for a park with woods, lakes, rolling hills, and/or bridges, you may want to take a look at Glenwood Gardens, French Park, Sharon Woods, or Woodland Mound.  If you want beautiful city views and gorgeous structures, go to Mt. Storm Park, Bellevue Hill Park, Devou Park, George Rogers Clark Park, or Smale Park.

I would love to offer any information I possibly can about parks in Cincinnati and how photogenic they are --even if you already have a wedding photographer.  Feel free to contact me and ask any questions that you may have about the parks in Cincinnati, and I'll offer as much wisdom as I can! :)