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Best of 2018

This year, I have worked with SO MANY amazing clients!! I’ve done weddings, engagements, proposals, pregnancy announcements, maternity, births, fresh 48, newborn lifestyle, families, seniors, and even a 100th birthday party!

Since my main focus is couples {wedding, engagement, and proposals}, this post is mostly centered on them! There will be a few birth and maternity photos in the mix, as well!

I’m going to start right off with a little section called “Emotional Moments of 2018”….just some very special, candid, raw moments captured in big moments!

Emotional Moments of 2018

This was one of my top photos of 2018 and was featured on the LooksLikeFilm blog! Jessica’s “first look” with her 4 brothers!


A very special father-daughter moment during Emmie’s reveal with her father!


Every girl wants her man to cry like this when he sees her for the first time! Josh just couldn’t keep it in when he saw his best friend and almost-wife down the aisle!


While we’re at it how about this groom seeing his almost-wife for the first time….


I know this isn’t a wedding….but it’s another form of intense love and emotion during a big moment! After a long long wait to have children, Patrick and his wife, Taylor, welcomed their beautiful baby girl into the world!


Brother-sister dance because their father passed only a few months before the wedding.


And one more shot from Emmie’s reveal with her father……..with bridesmaids and mother looking on!



This next section is a collection of some of my favorite veil shots of 2018!

Veil Shots



Next up are some favorite shots from weddings throughout the year! I think I got at least one shot of each wedding (some are posted before this line, though!)



I worked with so many amazing couples this year!!!



Engagement, Couples, and Proposal Photography

Always love shooting with couples in a more relaxed setting! Weddings are a lot of fun….but they can often lack the luxury of taking it easy and enjoying our time together! Here are a few favorite shots from this year…



And last, but not least, a few favorite maternity photos from 2018!





Thank you all for such an amazing year!!! You all have been awesome!!! Happy New Year!!! Excited for all that is to come in 2019!!

Sarah Beth Sutter